Third Ministerial Meeting on Education of the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) countries and the Group of Eight (G8) in Bonn, November 21-22, 2007


The Third G8-BMENA Ministerial Meeting on Education,

was held in Bonn/Germany, at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg, starting on November 21 in the afternoon at 3pm and ending on November 22 at noon.
A Senior Officials Meeting was held on November 20 at the Hotel Seminaris in Bad Honnef to prepare for the Ministerial Meeting.
In frame of this event the Education Task Force members of the BMENA and G8 countries met also in Bad Honnef on November 21.

Education is the key to individual opportunities in life, i.e. the opportunity for economic, cultural and social participation by everyone. The discussions at these meetings focused on education relevant to employment covering schools, vocational and tertiary education and adult literacy.

The general goals of the meetings were

  • to foster the overall political dialogue and exchange between BMENA and G8 countries;
  • to share views on common and specific challenges;
  • to learn from each other how to address these challenges;
  • to strengthen the involvement of civil society, the private sector and donors from BMENA and G8 countries.



"Relevant Education - How to Share Responsibility" (Report for the "Forum for the Future")

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Outcomes of Senior Officials' Discussions

English Arabic

Senior Officials and Task Force Meeting - Executive Summary

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Summary of the first Session - Relevance and Quality: What are the challenges?

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Tertiary Education


Relevant Education - How to Share Responsibility" Final statement of the Federal Minister of Education and Research Dr. Annette Schavan